WHMIS 2015 Complete Service

Workplace Hazard Services

Feeling overwhelmed? Not sure when you need to transition to the new WHMIS 2015 Regulations? Our team is here to help! 

You have questions…

What is it?
Why do I have to do this?
When does it take place?
How is it different than the “old” WHMIS?
How do I know I comply with it?

We have the All-In-One Service Answer!

To Give You Peace of Mind

This services provides you with the following:

  1. A Gap Analysis to determine how far apart you are between the new and old WHMIS.
  2. Classification of products under the new Hazardous Products Regulations.
  3. Identify and develop the new label, pictogram, and signal word requirements.
  4. Review and manage your SDS (safety data sheets) to meet the new regulations.
  5. Train and educate your management and staff in the new requirements.

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