TDG Training (Transportation of Dangerous Goods)

TDG Training (Transportation of Dangerous Goods)

Offered as: eLearning, Self-Study, Custom Onsite or Webinar

The safe Transportation of Dangerous Goods within Canada is serious business and the Federal and Provincial Governments require all participants, including handlers, shippers, carriers and receivers to be properly TDG trained and certified.

TDG Training is offered by Global HazMat in a number of formats to suit your safety training requirements. Training is available as Custom Onsite, interactive Custom Webinar, Online Courses, or as an independent Self-Study Program.

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Estimated Training Length: 2-3 hours online; 1-3 day onsite or webinar depending on specific needs.
Prerequisite: None

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Online Self Study Webinar/Onsite


Course Outline

Lesson 1

  • Background and purpose of the regulations
  • Training and certification
  • Enforcement
  • Definition of terms
  • Responsibilities of shipper, carriers and receivers

Lesson 2

  • 9 classes of dangerous goods
  • Divisions, packing groups, subsidiary classification, special provisions
  • Shipping names, UN numbers
  • Use of the TDG Schedules

Lesson 3

  • Information required on all shipping documents
  • Location and distribution of documents
  • Retention of documents
  • Waste manifests/movement document

Lesson 4
Safety Marks

  • Labels, markings, and placards

Lesson 5

  • UN packaging and “safe” packaging
  • Closure instructions
  • TP14850 packaging
  • CGSB, CSA, and UN Regulations or Guidelines

Lesson 6
Dangerous Occurrences

  • Definition of “Dangerous Occurrences”
  • Reporting Requirements
  • ERAP Requirements

Lesson 7
Special Requirements

  • Multi-modal and trans-border shipments
  • Special Cases and Exemptions
  • Equivalency Certificates

Competency Exam