Plan Development & Review

There is always the possibility of a spill or hazardous release when a company uses, handles, or transports hazardous materials (hazmat).

Beyond regulatory requirements that all employees are trained to handle emergencies, it remains the employer’s responsibility to keep employees safe. All organizations should have an emergency response program in place that includes spill response procedures, standard operating procedures, contingency plans and measures to assess improvement.

That’s where Global Hazmat comes in. We develop and implement workplace emergency response plans to deal with unforeseen situations such as chemical spills, hazardous releases, and other situations that might arise from chemicals.

Our services Program Plan documents client standards, define timelines and sets best practices for communication. This program ensures that all project staff and managers know each client’s standards and preferences.

Regardless of whether a building is a production, storage or transport facility, the primary objectives of an emergency response plan are to:

  1. Allow response personnel to prepare for and safely respond to emergency incidents
  2. Identify potential equipment, workforce, and other resources necessary to implement an emergency response
  3. Outline response procedures and techniques for combating the spill at a specific location
  4.  Improve regulatory compliance efforts

Global Hazmat offers a range of consultancy solutions that meet your organization’s emergency response planning needs. Our consultants are experienced in writing, reviewing and streamlining plans – whatever your regulatory or preparedness needs.


How can we help?

  • Emergency Response Plans (ERPs)
  • Emergency Evacuation Plans
  • Spills Response Plans
  • Spill Contingency Plans
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Safety Manuals

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