Spill Kit Services

Hazardous Goods Spill Kit Services

Our commitment is to provide unparalleled service, knowledge and expertise when managing our clients emergency spill equipment. When you need the right supplies or support to respond, control, contain and clean up an accidental release in your workplace, you can trust that Global’s Spill Kit Service will be there to have your back.

Features include:

  • An initial onsite evaluation (determine exact needs and inspect all kits plus suggestions)
  • Maintenance and replenish kits:
    *Onsite to clean kits and re-label if needed
    *Supply ad replenish proper inventory
    *Re-Order documents
    *Provide spill kit signage
    *Supply support materials (bags, posters, ties etc)
  • Onsite Training – Spill Management and hazardous waste program training for the company’s specific needs

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