Hazardous Waste Management


Our “Closed-Loop Hazardous Waste Service” provides 100% “Peace of Mind” to generators that their wastes will be handled in the most cost effective, environmentally sound and compliant manner with our goal to minimize our clients risk and liability.


Global has more than 25 years of hazardous waste management experience. Our team of highly qualified experts specialize in every aspect of a complete and safe process of managing our clients wastes.


We offer waste management services that include:


  • Assistance with setting up a waste storage area
  • Assistance with setting up generator registration numbers
  • Develop a waste management “safe work procedure”
  • Provide complimentary waste management training for contractual clients
  • Consult with clients to offer waste reduction options to help cut costs and volume of wastes
  • Provide Manifest assistance and manage manifests for clients


We offer a no-cost assessment and proposal of any waste streams generated by businesses. One of our consultants will either visit your location to assess what is needed to be managed or we can offer a virtual assessment with support from our clients.

Global will provide the services of:

We will manage all hazardous and commercial wastes including all chemical hazards, dangerous goods, non hazardous, damaged freight, expired products, abandoned wastes, biomedical and any unknown or mystery wastes.



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