Dangerous Goods / Hazmat Packaging

There are thousands of regulations governing the transportation of dangerous goods. These regulations constantly change, making it hard to keep up or stay on top of these changes if hazardous goods are not your core business. However, following these regulations is critical when ensuring the safety of the public, the environment and those who transport dangerous goods. Incorrectly packing or labelling can lead to hefty fines and, even worse, fatalities.

You must prepare any hazardous or non-hazardous materials shipped by your company for transport per the various regulatory requirements. Global Hazmat can help identify which materials are dangerous during transportation and can help you formulate an action plan to ensure your shipments are adequately prepared. We create a tailored program to ensure your company’s Hazardous Materials and Dangerous Goods are correctly classified, marked, labelled and documented.

How can we help?

  • Product Classification & Package Selection
  • Program Reviews & System Audits
  • SDS and Dangerous Goods Classification
  • Risk Assessments and Mitigation Expertise
  • Road Safety (TDG and 49 CFR)
  • Proper Classification of Customer Materials for Transport
  • Liaison with Competent Authorities for Dangerous Goods-related issues
  • Conduct Dangerous Goods Event Investigations, Reporting, and Legal Support
  • Compliance Audit
  • Hazardous Materials Security
  • Penalty Mitigation

Put our experience and expertise to work for your organization. Give us a call today or contact us online for more information about our dangerous good consulting services or to schedule a consultation.