Dangerous Goods by Marine (IMDG)

Dangerous Goods by Marine (IMDG)

Offered as: Custom Onsite or Webinar

Complete Training Assessment

eLearning Webinar Onsite

A certified training course for all persons including shippers, forwarders, logistics personnel, carriers, and handlers involved with dangerous goods by marine.

Snap Shot

Estimated Training Length: eLearning 7-8 hours, 8-16 hours onsite or webinar depending on specific company needs.
Prerequisite: TDG (Canada) or 49CFR (U.S.)

Course Outline

Lesson 1

  • Conventions: SOLAS, MARPOL
  • Format of the code
  • Application of the code
  • Using the IMDG code pages

Lesson 2

  • Classification

Lesson 3

  • How to use the general index
  • Identifying marine pollutants
  • Using the numerical index

Lesson 4

  • General packaging requirements
  • UN specifications packaging

Lesson 5

  • Marking
  • Labeling
  • Placards

Lesson 6

  • Documentation

Lesson 7

  • Emergency response information

Lesson 8

  • Dangerous Goods in limited quantities

Lesson 9

  • Stowage and segregation

Lesson 10

  • Multiple hazard materials
  • Mixtures and solutions
  • Items not listed by name

Competency Exam