Consulting & Auditing


Our “Consulting and Regulatory Management Services” offer businesses an opportunity to utilize more than 40 years of experience to help better understand their compliance and safety needs.

Our Consulting and Regulatory Management Services focus on offering assistance to businesses in the areas of safety relating to Hazardous Materials.

Global can assist with the following services to assist your safety goals.

  • Auditing / Gap Analysis – we will evaluate your safety and compliance programs, training and systems. Onsite assessments identifying corrective actions and “best safety practices”.
  • Regulatory Support/ Help Desk – get answers to your regulatory questions from our expert consultants. Let our expertise take the headache away from you.
  • Classification / Product Review – we determine if your products are properly identified. We will assist in properly identifying, classifying and describing of hazards, dangerous goods and hazardous wastes.
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Review – Create/update your policies and procedures and SDS library to help you avoid inconsistencies and penalty actions.
  • Plan Development – Review, update or develop Safe Work Procedures, Standard Operating Procedures, Safety Plans, Contingency Plans, Spill Plans and Hazardous Waste Plans.
  • Permits, Equivalency Certificates and Registration – Liaising with government agencies to establish any required permits or certificates for hazmat, hazardous waste or transport special permits
  • Non-Compliance Orders/Violation Support – let us assist with any situations where a violation or ticket is in question.
  • Onsite Regulatory Assessments – Allow our consultant to do a site visit to help with any concerns or issues that may be nagging. Different than an audit, this involves just a visual assessment without a report.
  • Business – Assist with due diligence for possible acquisitions or the evaluation of acquisitions.

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