Our Team

Meet our team here at Global HazMat Inc. Our team is full of knowledge, insight and support and we are here to assist you and your company in your continued efforts to maintain safety compliance.

Kevin Swinden

Role: President

kevin_headshotIn the 18 years of being involved in the Transportation of Dangerous Goods, HazWaste, and Safety Industries Kevin has realized one thing: “Proper training leads to real compliance”. By this he doesn’t mean the day to day compliance, but in fact the number one thing that gets companies in trouble is paperwork. What we have found is that the lack of training on how to complete paperwork gets companies and businesses in the most trouble with industry regulators.

“My passion is to educate, train and transform how companies comply with regulations so that it saves businesses money and enables them to understand the concept of systems. I do this through fun, interactive and engaging programs and methods of teaching. As well, developing clear objectives, guidelines, procedures and a system makes learning, complying and implementing “safety” easier to follow for all.”

I am a foodie at heart and enjoy spending time with my 2 awesome kids!”


Michelle Godfrey

Role: Manager, Operations & Client Services

michellegMichelle has been with Global HazMat since 2013 and comes from a background in customer service and business, as well as having run her own company. Michelle was brought on board as a customer service rep and quickly showed her value in the company. She now runs the inside operations of Global HazMat. She brings joy and excitement everyday in the office and is always striving to assist clients with all their needs.