Vision, Mission and Values


To be the number one trusted authority in the hazardous materials and chemical hazard safety industry in all of Canada.


Global HazMat is driven to provide valuable safety solutions to industry by utilizing ethical, integral, and moral decisions to uphold our client’s goal to be a responsible and safe partner. We establish this by forming and maintaining relationships, developing systems that prove value, and supporting the positive direction our clients will take with us.


Every day, companies are overwhelmed with understanding how to work safely and comply with rules. Not knowing the what, when, and how’s of how to be safe when working with hazards can be stressful. Global has the same beliefs that our clients do, we all care about the safety of the general public including the people they work with. Global recognizes the need for a safer, more compliant, and efficient way of business. From the inception of our business and the experiences we have encountered over the years we understand how important it is to eliminate the stress of safety. We want to show our clients we care.

Core Values:

  1. Integrity
  2. To be a strong voice for safety
  3. To be a solution provider
  4. Open to enhancing the client’s needs and wants
  5. To provide an unforgettable positive experience
  6. Respect our team, our partners, and our clients
  7. Show passion in everything we do


Global Hazmat Proudly Supports: