WHMIS Launches a Newsletter


Workplace Hazardous Materials Bureau, Consumer and Hazardous Products Safety Directorate Health Canada have been busy of late, building tools to help industry compliance with WHMIS Regulations.

In March they launched their first newsletter, filled with valuable information. The newsletter, titled Workplace Hazardous Products Program Newsletter, or WHPP may be found here. It is available in English and French.

Topics included in this edition include:

  • Amendments to the Hazardous Products Regulations
  • Consultation regarding the CCCR exclusion
  • Publication of the decision trees
  • New hazardous substance assessments:
    • Acetic acid
    • 2-Mercaptoethanol
    • Methyl methacrylate
    • Methyldiethanolamine
    • Phosphoric acid
    • Potassium hydroxide
    • Silicic acid, sodium salt
  • Summary of the 43rd UN Sub-Committee meeting
    • It is noted that the recommendations were aligned with Canadian positions and interests
  • Release of the compliance and enforcement policy