Transportation of Dangerous Goods

  • Safety in Transporting Dangerous Goods

    It is important to consider safety in transporting dangerous goods. The transportation of dangerous goods is a complicated process. It is often taken for granted in the overall “safety training” discussion. Think about it this way; you offer or send out a product that can pose a risk to the safety of the transporters whether […]... Learn more

  • TDG Amendments [SOR/2014-306 December 12, 2014]
    TDG Amendments [SOR/2014-306 December 12, 2014]

    As a leader in Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) training, WHMIS training and workplace safety training, Global HazMat stays up to date with the latest regulations and amendments. In December 2014, the Government of Canada made amendments to the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act. SOR/2014-306 December 12, 2014 TRANSPORTATION OF DANGEROUS GOODS ACT, 1992 Regulations Amending […]... Learn more