Safety in Transporting Dangerous Goods

It is important to consider safety in transporting dangerous goods. The transportation of dangerous goods is a complicated process. It is often taken for granted in the overall “safety training” discussion.

Think about it this way; you offer or send out a product that can pose a risk to the safety of the transporters whether it be a truck driver, flight crew, dock workers, rail workers, handlers, receivers, or employees in general. The product is packaged incorrectly as per regulations. These regulations are developed worldwide by experts that study and test packaging for the safe movement of hazards. You do not package to the applicable standard due to the lack of proper training, understanding of regulations, or just negligence. The dangerous good now leaks or releases out of a vehicle, aircraft, vessel, or train.

Importance of Proper Safety Training

The importance of proper training is vital to human safety. Having the information is great. Truly knowing how to do the task can be life altering. Training in the proper handling of dangerous goods requires physically being able to classify, identify, package, document, label, and overall prepare a shipment for safe transport.

Are your staff properly trained? Do they truly understand all dangerous goods that they handle? Are they aware that hazardous waste might be a dangerous good as well?

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