Webinar / Virtual Training: Safe & Convenient

As experts in the fields of Dangerous Goods, Hazardous Waste and WHMIS / GHS, Global Hazmat has years of experience helping businesses bring their workplace up to government standards and keeping employees safe. To make it as easy and convenient as possible for companies to train their teams, we offer Customized Webinar Training.

If your company has identified gaps in worker training, or is not meeting workplace safety criteria, it is time to bring your workforce up to par. We offer many training courses from WHMIS Training to Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG). These courses can span from basic to complex.

Review our courses here: https://www.globalhazmat.com/workplace-safety-training/ and complete an assessment.  We’ll contact you to discuss the details of your company specific webinar training.

Why Choose a Webinar?

While there are many benefits to in-person training, this type of training sometimes does not work for every company. With the current Covid-19 situation causing employees to work from home, or employees working different shifts, it can be difficult to schedule a time to get everyone in the same place. With a Virtual / Webinar Training, your employees can complete the course from the safety of their home or office – no need to be all in the same room.  Of course if you prefer, that is an option as well. This allows you to equip each and every one of your employees with the training they require to keep them safe.

Employees can easily access the course from any location. Computers with monitors, speakers, microphones and webcams are recommended.  Training is company specific and fully interactive.

Get started with Custom Webinar Training

Contact our experts and we can help you determine what training you require, and what will be most beneficial to your staff. We want to make your training experience as easy and stress free as possible. For more information contact us at 1-877-744-4999 or online. You can also review all our training courses here and view their availability.