Spill Kit – 105L, Wheeled


Absorbent Pads – White100
Can-Dry1 Bag
4’ Socks4
Drain Cover1
Collapsible Shovel1
Neoprene Gloves1 Pair
Safety Glasses1 Set
Plug Patty1 Can
Disposal Bag1
ERG, Pocket-size1
Mini- SPILL Poster, Coated Paper1
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Weight: 40

Product description

Our 105 Litre Wheeled Spill Kits are ideal for industrial and commercial workplace and any other area requiring spill clean up to be mobile.  Options include HazMat, Universal and Oil.

** OIL (White) – Absorbs oils and  most oil-based liquids even when on water surface.  Repels Water.

** UNIVERSAL (Gray) – Capable of absorbing nearly all fluids, such as aggressive solvents and oils.

** HazMat (Green) – For agressive liquids – absorbs most acids, bases and harsh chemicals.

**Spill bag contents may vary slightly from photo


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