The Importance of Hazardous Materials Training

There are many businesses in numerous industries that deal with hazardous materials on a daily basis. From gas stations to home cleaners, to industrial plants to importers, workers are frequently handling dangerous goods that can compromise their health and the safety of others around them if not handled properly and in accordance to regulations. This is why hazardous material training is so important. Below are the main reason why NOW is the time to have your employees fully trained in TDG, WHMIS and more.

Health & Safety

The most important reason for hazardous materials and dangerous goods training is to ensure the health and safety of others, property and the environment. Each hazard comes with its own side effects and damage potential . While many people are confident in their abilities to handle chemicals and other hazards, there is more to it than preventing simple contact against the skin.

Toxic gases, for example, can cause serious side effects if inhaled. Even if a worker is careful when handling a hazardous material or dangerous good, they could be constantly exposed to that toxic gas which can leach through materials and cause skin irritation. Even if the effects are not noticeable immediately, signs and symptoms can begin to appear over time, such as respiratory problems or cancer.

When a spill occurs, does the person know how to handle the dangerous good or hazardous material?  Without the proper procedures and training to clean up a product it can have harmful effects on the individual, others in the vicinity and may cause harmful effects on the property or environment.

Regulation Compliance

Regulations are set by the government bodies and are implemented through unions, safety boards, companies and employers. While rules and laws may seem as a nuisance, they are put into place for the safety of workers, general public and the environment. If a business is found to not be adhering to rules and regulations, measures will be taken that can directly affect operations including hefty fines, shutting operations down and jail time.

Hazardous Material and Dangerous Goods Training

At Global HazMat we have been proving Workplace Safety, Dangerous Goods (Ground, Air, Marine) and Spill Management training for years. To help businesses comply with provincial, federal, and international safety regulations we offer a wide range of training courses. Visit our Training page to learn more about the courses we offer onsite or online. If you need help complying with your regulations, contact us online or by phone at 1-877-744-4999.