The Convenience Of WHMIS Online Training


The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System, or WHMIS, was updated in 2015 to adhere to the Globally Harmonized System of Classifications and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS), developed by the United Nations. All workers in Canada engaged with hazardous products are required by law to have WHMIS training. It is compulsory to know how to handle dangerous materials safely because if not handled properly, they can cause disease or injuries to workers. 

The WHMIS training program instructs you on how to identify the product’s hazards and what preventive measures you should take when using that product by reading the label. It will also train you on how to read and interpret safety data sheets correctly, which must be available on every work site with hazardous products. Data sheets provide better and more detailed information about the dangers of those products than the labels on the products themselves.

WHMIS Online Training Course 

WHMIS online safety training has numerous perks, the reason why many people prefer it to other training methods. WHMIS training online takes place virtually where a course instructor provides the training materials to the student via the internet. You can take WHMIS Training from the comfort of your own home or office.

An exceptional online training program for WHMIS should challenge participants to comprehend the details of the WHMIS requirements, such as understanding hazards, pictograms, signal words, labels, identifiers, and Safety Data Sheets. In addition, online training offers several benefits over contracting an outside instructor to provide a classroom course because it is convenient, adaptable, and usually more cost-effective than conventional methods. Whether you intend to get certified to advance your career or need to train your workers to adhere to the current Canadian occupational safety standards, read about the many benefits of online safety certification training courses.

Flexible and Time-Saving

WHMIS training online gives you the leeway to select the most convenient time to attend lessons. For example, you can choose to study when your energy is at its peak and your mind is ready to absorb information. This may be early in the morning or very late at night, or even studying while traveling if you have a high-speed internet connection.

The online training platform enables you to learn from any location in the world and break up the training into smaller components that allow you to work at your own pace. Don’t forget that you will save time and money not having to travel back and forth to a classroom for training.   

Training Costs are Reduced

Why are online safety training programs more affordable than traditional classroom training? As mentioned before, there are no commuting costs for trainees, and a big one is that there is no need to buy expensive training manuals and textbooks. All the training materials needed are provided within the training course interface.

Practical Training and Learning Management System

To ensure that online WHMIS training courses provide the highest level of competence in as short a time as possible, they use professional video materials to teach and illustrate the learning material.

Our comprehensive WHMIS Online Certification Course was developed following the Government of Canada’s 2015 Hazardous Products Act for training anyone who manufactures, works with or is close to hazardous products in the workplace. Employees will learn all aspects of the WHMIS (GHS) system and help keep a safe workplace for themselves and those around them. 


At Global Hazmat, we offer company-specific on-site and online WHMIS training and certification programs available to anyone who works closely with any hazardous products, as set out under the Federal and Provincial Regulations. To decide which method of participation suits you best, select the option that will provide you with the most benefit and the best outcome.

Choose the WHMIS option that is best for you. And if you still have questions, call or email us. We are happy to chat and guide you toward your best choice.