The Benefits of Onsite Hazardous Material Training


Hazardous materials training is important for any company that handles dangerous goods and hazardous materials, by any method. Training can be provided in a number of ways, however onsite training presents the largest impact and understanding, as well as an interactive environment where each and every worker can receive the knowledge they need for their daily tasks.

Onsite Hazardous Materials Training is Convenient

With onsite hazardous materials training, our Global HazMat expert visits your business to conduct a live, customized training. When you choose onsite training, you have flexibility in determining the most suitable time for your employees to attend the training session.

You also enjoy the convenience of having many staff members attend, including workers and office personnel dealing with any aspect of dangerous goods and hazardous materials. The logistics of having your employees finish a course on their own time is reduced, as there is accountability company-wide.

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By having an instructor at your jobsite, you are able to have a much more interactive training environment. Each workplace is different and can face its own struggles and questions. Your workers now have direct access to a professional where they can get answers to questions that may arise daily, as well as hear stories from not only our professional, but others in the classroom as well. Sessions become more engaging as they can be more tailored to your workplace environment and the hazards you deal with, in turn creating more knowledgeable employees and a safer workplace.

Onsite training can reduce accident rates

Throughout the sessions you will learn how to identify hazards and handle them with care and safety. This helps foster a proactive environment where hazards are identified earlier, or avoided altogether. With our hazardous material expert’s help, you will be able to significantly reduce the amount of hazardous material related accidents and incidents. We have found over the many years of onsite training that when workers have direct access to professional trainers and engagement, they become more aware of their surroundings, hazards and what to do when an incident occurs.

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Safety Standards & Compliance

There is a wide range of federal and provincial government regulations and laws surrounding dangerous goods, hazardous materials and safety. We take all regulatory bodies into consideration when working with you on your job-site. We pride ourselves for being thorough in our enrolment process to be sure that you and your company are well informed of which regulations and laws you need to be using, and provide options for all training.

For which ever onsite training program you choose, your workers will be able to identify and handle hazards based on regulatory compliance and the governing body. Our bottom line is to assist you and that our training helps with your bottom line in avoiding costly fines and investigations that could potentially bring productivity to a halt.

At Global HazMat we offer a range of custom onsite training programs including:

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