Be Prepared With A Spill Kit

At Global Hazmat, we know how important being prepared with a spill kit is.  If you work in an environment that you are exposed to hazardous materials, there is a very good chance that you have a  spill kit on hand. In the event that a hazardous spill or release occurs, the chemicals you may be exposed to can have serious impact on your health and safety, may spread throughout the work area, or harm the environment. This is why a spill should be dealt with as soon as possible, and having the right tools and expertise are critical to doing this successfully.

Hazardous Spill Response Equipment

When a spill occurs, you should have clean up and response material easily accessible so that trained staff can respond quickly. This can include having proper spill kits or absorbents on hand that will provide you with all the right equipment that you will need to safely and appropriately respond to a hazardous spill.

Appropriate measures should be in place to replenish all spill kits, spill equipment, and safety gear after a successful clean- up has been done . You should have an adequate supply of proper and compatible spill materials on hand, and should never go below the quantity listed on the inventory in the kits. This will allow you to be prepared for even the worst spill situations. For assistance in managing your onsite spill kit inventory, we offer spill kit services. With our service we can provide onsite evaluations, replenish kits, and provide onsite training for staff.

Hazardous Spill Response Training

The best way to be properly prepared for a spill and respond appropriately is to have trained staff. Without proper training, the kits will be misused and the spill will not be cleaned up safely and efficiently. We currently offer onsite training for hazardous spill management. There are three different levels of spill management training. Review each level and identify how your staff should be trained.

If you have any questions about hazardous spill management at your business or what types of training your employees should have, contact us at 1-877-744-4999 and we will prepare you for the worst situation, and the knowledge to handle it with care.